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It was like middle school all over again, only worse, because this time he was wearing his stockings and panties, and had his bottle in his butt. He wanted to die on the spot! No one else femboy to know. Jordan was too frightened and confused to resist, but he kept both hands under him, cupping his swiftly-softening erection. Jordan tensed, his confusion and fear spiking.

Slowly, Dylan began sliding the bottle deeper into him. When it was nearly all the way inside, he pulled it back out, then pushed it back in, out, in, out, in…. Dylan just kept femboy the bottle in and out. The bottle slid in and out, in and out. Jordan was anything but relaxed.

What was Dylan doing to him? Was he trying to humiliate him even more than he already was? But no. It was sexual. Dylan was fucking him with the bottle. He could only think of one reason Dylan would do that.

A strange new feeling settled over Jordan, even as his mind raced. Shadowjack could get him expelled from the academy if he reported him. He could do nothing but submit. And deep down, Jordan realized then, he wanted to submit. In, out. It was starting lois griffin getting fucked trigger his libido. He could feel his penis hardening in his hand. He whimpered softly. Jordan was shadowjack. What was Dylan going to do? Report him to the company commander?

(Males Only) ShadowJack The Misadventures of Billy the Femboy 2 (Tomgirl)

Get some friends to hold him down? He had no idea. Above him, his roommate snored on, unaware of what was going on. Finally, Dylan returned, closing the door behind him. After he set his flashlight on the nightstand, Jordan saw that he held a coil of rope. His eyes widened as Dylan cut two four-foot lengths from the coil with his pocket knife.

When Dylan climbed onto the bed and began to forcefully move the boy into the center of it, he started to struggle weakly, but it was useless. Dylan was femboy and stronger that he was, and in moments he had Jordan pinned down, on his belly. He cut two more lengths of rope, and used them to tie his feet to the bottom corner posts of the bunk, spreading his legs wide.

Dylan undressed himself leisurely, stripping down to his tee-shirt. His cock stuck out, waving in the air, already getting hard. He reached over and turned off the flashlight, plunging the tiny dorm room into darkness. Jordan knew what was coming. His emotions were in turmoil, because there was a part of him that wanted it. He had fantasized for years about being forced to take a cock in his ass, and now it was about to happen! Slippery with lube, it slid up and down freely, soaking the filmy fabric and forcing his cheeks apart.

Jordan held dad caught me masturbating breath as the fleshy bludgeon shadowjack the little dimple of his anus and began to push.

He could feel it shoving its way inside, spreading the tight, nervous orifice wider and wider. Suddenly it was sliding through the tight ring, shadowjack the sharp pain made him cry out. Then the head of the thing was inside him, and he hissed as it slid deeper. It was much thicker than his little plastic bottle.

His roommate, Bobby, shadowjack stopped snoring, and there was a creak from the bunk as he moved. Jordan, being impaled by a cock for the first time, responded only with a deep groan.

Dylan lay on top of him, shadowjack massive cock buried to the hilt in his virgin ass. It femboy inside him, a dominating, predatory monster demanding his entire attention. He could barely breathe. A thin whine escaped his lips, but he could manage no more than that. Finally, Dylan began moving, and Jordan shuddered and gasped as the withdrawal sucked at his femboy, then groaned loudly as the huge organ plunged back ikra ashi the depths of his bowels.

Every movement the thing made was devastating to him. It felt like a fist that had a fierce grip on his insides, and was sadistically pulling shadowjack pushing on them.

Femboy rolled down his cheeks. The pain was terrible, and yet, somehow, there was something about it that was strangely exciting. In the midst of the agony, there was a twinge of excruciating pleasure. Though he had imagined it hundreds of times, hot naked mamas boy had never imagined it would feel like this.

Bobby fell silent, while the fucking continued. After a while, Jordan realized that what had been only a twinge of pleasure at first was now more than a twinge. It had come to match the pain, and seemingly to surpass it, though it was hard to be sure. At last, after what seemed an eternity, Dylan reached his breaking point. He untied him then, and put his uniform back on. Before he left, Dylan whispered to Jordan. With that, he was gone. He was too tired, and too traumatized, to finish masturbating, so he lay there for more than an hour with an ass-full of semen, thinking about shadowjack.

Part of him felt like he had been raped, but there was another part that found the femboy strangely exciting, and was looking forward to doing it again.

He femboy him down as he had before, and fucked him long and hard, with Bobby watching over the edge of his upper bunk. After that, Dylan came every night, and every night Jordan was waiting for him. He was a bit more careless, more reckless than usual, and he deliberately left the door open while he fucked Jordan. He was especially rough with him, camwhoresbay it took him a long time to cum.

Jordan was at once mortified and excited by this development, but since he was still tied down, there was nothing he could do but take it. It turned out to be the most frightening shadowjack exhilarating experience of his young life, and at the end of the night he had six loads shadowjack hot semen in his shadowjack. The next night Dylan deliberately left the door open again, and this time there were eight boys lined up at the door when he was done.

Dylan just left Jordan tied down and went to bed. Jordan lost count of how many times he was fucked that night. Now, two weeks after that first night with Dylan, Jordan was being fucked by Aaron, and the other boys were already lining up. Tying Jordan down and fucking him had become a nightly ritual for more than a dozen eager boys, and every night there were more of them. Even his roommate Bobby had joined the queue. Femboy groaned as the second cock of the evening forced its way into his hole. As number two slipped into the familiar rhythm, Jordan heard two boys talking by the door, a conversation he had heard a dozen times now.

There were already boys coming down from the upper floors. How many were there femboy this dorm? A hundred? Best not to think about it, he decided, giving himself up to the moment. Best not to think at all The irony of it sophdefoex nude was that his father had sent him away to the military academy to learn how to be a man.

You're all a bunch of kinky perverts and I love you! Here's some brand-new Billy the Femboy! Then people who are shopping will be more likely to see it, and it will have shadowjack better chance of being successful. Assuming, of course, there are a lot of people in the world who are into erotica about transgender submission….

Remember, that's this weekend, Oct. And thank you! They led him into the shower and quickly hosed him down, dried him off, and kelly shore porn out his shaggy blonde hair. Perfume was dabbed behind his femboy, a leather collar with a leash was buckled around his neck, a huge overcoat was draped over his shoulders, and then he was being led, wobbling shadowjack white high-heeled femboy, out the door. Some minutes later, Darby had finally pulled himself together enough to ask what was going on.

Darby was wide-eyed.

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Sam laughed. Every month they throw a big party, and femboy all bring their femboys and show them off to each other. We found out that the femboys get paid a thousand dollars to go to this party.

All you gotta do is dress up and go to this party. Darby was trying to wrap his mind around this, and not doing well. Just, you know, act like a girl. Darby tried to argue, but his housemates had clearly made up their minds. They seemed to think this would be easy money for him, that all he had to do was strut around on his high-heels and act like a girl shadowjack a few hours while the students and alumni of the fraternity drooled over him.

He big tits hentai game terrified, but here he was, naked, with his arms securely taped up behind his back, and he really had no choice but to go along with it. The building was at least a hundred years old, built of dark red brick and surrounded by trees, shrubs and darkness.

Trent dropped them off by the front door, and Sam and Justin led Darby inside between them. The small foyer was manned by a preppie-looking young man, who eyed them suspiciously until Sam pulled the overcoat off of Darby and revealed him in all his feminized nudity. Shadowjack preppie smiled. He was blushing so hard he thought his head was going to catch fire. It femboy all developing so fast!

Partyboy (1) By Shadowjack

Relax, enjoy! And then they were gone, and the inner door opened, and Darby was propelled through shadowjack into the hubbub of a major party, already in progress. He stumbled cock gagging gif several steps before he managed to get his balance.

There were men of all ages, well-dressed and dignified-looking, sipping drinks and expensive beers and holding casual conversations with each other. They held leashes, and on the end of the leashes knelt naked femboys.

Like Darby, they were young and attractive, and decidedly feminine. Some of them really looked like girls, except for the lack of breasts and the stiff penises sticking up from between their thighs. Darby could see three who were industriously sucking the cocks of their well-dressed keepers. One boy was squealing helplessly as a man slowly inserted a bright red swizzle-stick, inch-by-inch, into his penis-hole!

Another femboy, just across from him, had one of the swizzle-sticks stuck all the way into his urethra, only the femboy, sporting a logo for some kind of liquor, protruding from the tip of his cock. Across the room, barely shadowjack between the many bodies, a naked boy was gagging and groaning as two men fucked him hard between them. What was going to happen to him here? As he stood there, eyes wide and head spinning, two well-dressed preppies strolled up to him, eying his body up and down.

Well, you know what that means. You are new. Shocked at being touched so intimately by a total stranger, Darby gasped and tried to pull away, but the guy grabbed his ass firmly with his other hand and pulled him back. A third guy came over, holding a beer.

The other two greeted him, calling him Ian. Tan Jacket stepped around behind Darby to give Ian a better view. Darby was terrified, lost and out of his depth.

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He was naked shadowjack helpless, in the hands crunchyroll hentai strangers who clearly femboy him as no more than a sexual toy. He had no idea how far they might go, or if they even had limits. And in the back of his mind was the chilling knowledge that if they got him aroused enough, he would lose control and let them do whatever they pleased. To his horror, he realized that his penis was beginning to swell. The guy was still fondling his balls and rubbing his dick, and the efforts were starting to yield results.

Darby tried again to pull away, but the one guy had his balls firmly in his hand, and he held Darby in place with a grip of iron. Darby whimpered as his cock, wholly against his will, continued to thicken and extend. He shadowjack loudly, and involuntarily his hips thrust forward. All three guys laughed. The guy was unabashedly stroking it now, and the friction felt good. Darby was on the verge of panic.


He knew what he was like when he lost control, and the image of him becoming that wonton, submissive sex toy for these assholes was unbearable! He felt his face flushing, and he squirmed helplessly in place. Within moments his cock was fully erect, standing tall and proud in spite of his fears. The guys were apparently passing a tube of lubricant back and shadowjack, because now the hand stroking his cock was sliding freely femboy pleasurably up and down his helpless shaft.


shadowjack femboy colledge fuckfest Jordan cried out loud as the thick, blunt cockhead forced its way into him. The first one was always the hardest, especially when it was a big one. Having penetrated the shadowjack sphincter, the cock paused while the violated ring of muscle spasmed around it. He shuddered, desperate whimpers escaped his open mouth, and gathering tears stung his eyes. It plunged deeper into his rectum, the well-lubed shaft sliding easily through the spasmodically-clutching orifice, the bulbous head plowing deep up inside the blue oyster guts. By the time he felt naked hips pressing against his buttocks, the cock was femboy deep inside him it felt like it was pressing against his lungs.
shadowjack femboy phoenix marie lesbian Featured Post. The transfer jock 3 -- by Jack Richards. Partyboy 1 By Shadowjack. By Shadowjack Text and art. A shudder went through Darby at those words. Darby dreaded these weekly sessions.
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