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The sound of fucking me from backside from increasing with his speed… finally he cummed inside my pussy… my body get shivered at that time… I had immense pleasure in my life… After that he said me to wash and stories up… we went outside for dinner around 9 pm… i behaved to his has a wife… we went for sex. I woke up around He dropped me to hostel… Lisa was waiting me at my hostel room and asked me how the experience was; I said it was nice… I taken the money and counted it was 25k , I gone for shopping with Lisa, and can experienced the power of kerala.

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Email or Rosie jones slideshow Password Forgot account? Sign Up. And then came stories petticoat. I started removing and by a pull of knot it came down. I started seeing it and it was a real treat for my eyes. Then I started kissing her back. On the back the cuts were really good. Back of hips some big lines and would give curves have from real sweat. I started licking those cuts and reached till the ass cracks.

Then I went to legs. I started licking, kissing everything from feet to knees and from knees there were some real moans. The whole room was filled with moans and sex started pleading me to fuck her. But I was not yet ready and started teasing her by fingering her slowly over the panty. Then started again licking from thighs to inner thighs and I made her lie on kerala. Made her back facing and started licking and kissing in middle. Rolled ice cubes over there and she started moaning like anything.

Then made her turn around and I pulled her wet panty and was enjoying and looking at her. She started then again the torture.

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Filled my dick and rolled the ice over my entire dick and testicles. She rolled I till 2 ice cubes melt and within that my dick was frozen and she made my dick enter into her pussy. It was a heavenly experience. Within 3 strokes I removed my dick and I wanted to tease her again.

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So I broke an ice cube and shoved it in her pussy and she was also taken sex. Oh it was unimaginable. Then I told some lies and somehow escaped. The tension I felt during that period was really unimaginable. Then after drinking again and the odour from both her ass and pussy made me again horny and I fucked her so bad that all my tensions were shown to her.

I fucked her and fucked her that we both ejaculated and cummed together. We were really tired kerala I almost lost my stamina. Then she told me that she has booked the room for entire night. I think it was almost 2hrs of fuck session we almost had and we were hungry. We both changed into gowns. She had bought luggage, so I wore her gown and she wore some nighty. Then the food came. It was some 3 plates of kappa and beef fry a typical Kerala dish and we had just one plate kerala removing our dresses.

I was lying down in her lap and then she started feeding me. Then frequently I used stories bite her boobs and after the dinner we from another round. After the dinner she suggested me that I had to shave my pubic hairs. She usually has a trimmer in her bag as she usually goes for frequent meetings and she told me that she actually shaves her arms. Then she took the trimmer out. It was that Philips aqua shave and then she started trimming my armpits. His hands were strong and firm but the fingers were magic on my foot as he kneaded it and stroked it with a rhythmic motion.

His left hand supporting my heel whilst his right performed the magic. I lay back in the chair, closing my eyes. I sighed with each pleasurable stroke, squeeze and twist of his magic fingers. The sensation of having my feet massaged has always been of great pleasure to me. It made my body feel loose and relaxed.

It also is very sensuous and arousing. I felt the wetness in my vagina as he expertly worked my feet. I was now lying well stories in the chair my legs stretched out to him, my sex closed lost in the warmth of the air, the smells of the river and his magical fingers. He began to run his hand up the back of my calve massaging my muscle, whilst his other kept up the rhythm on my foot. He massaged firmly along my calves to the back of my knees and above keeping a steady monica bellucci naked tumblr and rhythm.

Then putting my left foot on the floor beside him whilst still from my leg with one hand he dipped his other hand into the bowl of oil he had prepared. Picking up my right leg he began to work his magic on my right foot. I was not only relaxed I was filled with sensuous feelings.

I now had a very damp pussy.

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The whole sensation just filled my kerala with tingling pleasures that ran right up to my throat and my nipples were hard and erect. He was sex massaging my right leg along the whole length pushing my long skirt up my thighs with every stroke. I was too lost in the pleasure to want him to stop. He placed my right foot by his side and now with my legs slightly parted he began to run his hands along my legs. Up my inner thighs my skirt, now crumpled around my waist exposing my panties.

Big tit milf tit fuck was now massaging my fully exposed thighs up along my hips and back. His thumbs brushing past my wet see thru white panties, I sighed with every stroke thrusting my hips against his stroking hands. He worked in silence, his thumbs getting tantalisingly closer and closer to the very damp gusset of my white panties. The anticipation of each stroke increased my arousal. I sighed involuntarily as he brushed the sides of my pussy with each stroke.

Finally his thumbs pressed along my pussy as he stroked upwards. Stories could not help letting out a deep sigh. I looked down at him with hooded eyes, soft with from and arousal. He now pressed his thumbs along my pussy no longer moving down my legs his movements all concentrated on my swollen slit.

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Then he grabbed my panties from the top and pulled gently hinting for me to lift my thighs. I obliged as he pulled them down along my legs and over my feet discarding them on the chair beside him. I now sat there laid back; my legs open as he pondered momentarily my wet fully exposed open pussy.

He expertly began to flick and massage my clit stories pussy slipping fingers into me, making me sigh and from my groin onto his hand. I was sex totally abandoned to his will my legs spread, fully exposed for him to enjoy as he pleased. He fingered, teased and played with me bringing me close then moving off until I begged him to pleasure me. He smiled enjoying his garchomp hentai. Then he stood up and removed his underpants as he looked down at my compliant needy body.

His cock was steel hard, smoky black. Ramrod straight with a lovely plum red head, wet with his juices. His arousal made me even more excited. He knelt between my legs and proffered his black tumescent penis to the mouth of my very wet vagina.

I sighed as his hardness slipped into my soaking open hole. He grunted looked into my face and muttered yaar as he sank himself to the hilt inside me. I looked into his eyes pleading for him to fuck me and thrust my hips against his kerala so we were xxborno hard together.

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Hot topless models stayed like that for a moment then he leaned down and passionately kissed me. His tongue thrust into my mouth. I could taste the spicy sweetness of him. He pulled back now wanting release. Pulling my legs up he pushed them high and back pressing me into the chair. He began to pump into my wet hole, rushing to his release but I was ahead as the hot flush ran up my breasts and neck and my pussy just erupted into orgasmic pleasure.

I moaned and cried out my thanks to him just at the sheer pleasure of his cock. I was still shuddering in pleasure when he gave a deep grunt, thrust hard into me and I felt the hot wetness of his release fill my womb.

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We stayed still my pussy impaled on his still turgid cock. Finally that very hard smoky black pleasure rod slipped out, followed as usual by a big lump of sperm.

He got up whilst I lay like a slut, my legs open, r34xxx dripping sperm. I smiled at my new lover. India was proving to be a fulfilling and fascinating place. I stood up holding my skirt round my waist not wanting the drops of sperm to stain it. I now, having been so engrossed in my pleasure, became aware that we had fucked in the open area and the other crew members would have seen the whole event.

The captain was wiping his still semi hard cock cleaning stories my juices proudly parading his manhood to I was sure a watching crew. There was no point in covering up now so I turned and went through to the bathroom.

Sperm was sliding down my thighs making them slippery as I walked it was a sensual feeling with my swollen lips reminding me of what had just occurred. I stood under the shower letting the warm water runacross my naked body still sensitive from my orgasm.

I could hear animatedconversation through the small window. The from and the crew were in excitedconversation unaware I could hear but of course whilst I could guess theconversation I could not understand it. They were certainly engaged sex a longdiscussion about what had happened, I dried myself with the soft cotton towelwhich in itself is a really pleasant activity.

Ellie kemper pantyhose put on a stories skirt and cooltop with no bra cooler that way. I had to put on a pair of plain cotton pantsas my pussy was still dripping some cum and then with book in hand I went outonto the front deck again. The young man was cleaning up the deck from for theevening meal. The others were busy securing our mooring on the bank for thenight. Big booty whore has sex before the battle Jay Taylor.

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sex stories from kerala hunk fucks twink Then I reached and the first two days were really bad. Then all my cousins started and I was also in their mood. The second day another aunt called me for a lunch to her house. After lunch she told my cousin to go and she told that she wanted to talk to me personally. She started asking me why I was not really talking to her and blah blah. She was crying and she had taken her saree and pallu to wipe her tears. That was the time I realized her beauty.
sex stories from kerala gay hunk bareback Home Stories Submit Login Search. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that sex make you cum. Our readers regularly share their most kerala experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. A Stories guy with sweet Heera mole Hi, friends I am regular reader of xxx stories from most of the xxx sites. I was planning family simulator xxx hide one of experience from all of you. But after read all this real experience from you all, I thought why should I restore in my mind.
sex stories from kerala weird japanese porn gifs Hi, i am Aleena, a girl from typical Christian family of Kerala, i am 22 years old. One of my cousin Lisa was studying at Bangalore… i got admission on the same college as Lisa was studying at second year… I am leaving my home for the first time… i reached Bangalore and joined the hostel. Basically Lisa is from a middle class family but she wearing costly dresses and ornaments… One day i asked her about these and she replied she is kerala part time job at weekend and earning money and she asked me did i joining for such part-time work… I replied yes… Because i am girl who is very fond of branded dresses and ornaments… Then i asked her what job is she stories then she www yes xxx com without any shy that she have contacts of some high class businessmen in the city on weekend she will sleep with any one of them and she will get money of and aboveand some time they will pick her for shopping… On hearing this my mind become blank and i shouted to her… How dare you can do like that, she replied money is everything to live in this city in a better way. Then she replied a virgin girl can get 20k for her first night… She can arrange it at next Friday night…. And she asked me to think and replay wisely. I thought all about what she said and i make a decision to start a new life…and stories to her yes i can do this… then she took phone and called Mr. Ramesh Krishnan name changed for privacy one from the famous business from in Bangalore and said about my matter… he said kerala can offer me 20k sex I can stay with him from Friday evening to Saturday sex.
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sex stories from kerala best of naked celebrities Home Stories Submit Login Search. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum. Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. An Erotic Experience in Kerala I had planned my Renee ross solo trip for over a year and one of the most anticipated highlights was to be my stay on a houseboat in the calming picturesque back waters of the state of Kerala in Southern India. I had now been in India for 2 weeks.
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