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Chronic masturbation and a porn addiction pave way to new feelings and his quickly developing sister www to help him explore these new emotions. She's in for one wild surprise! Dominic has to leave unexpectedly, leaving Www alone with his wife Jennifer. Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Then, more than ever, he xxx video was convinced I was to be sold and that Pollux was to be my replacement.

For my part, I can't begin to express the relief I feel that I'm not to be parted from Norge xxxfoto and as I'm tethered com of him I am overwhelmed with happiness. We are together once more! I'm jessica alba sexy nude no mood to listen to his self-obsessed conversation. My mood is one of despondency; I have convinced myself that my Master is xpxx selling Rafe com that he is either in the slave-holding pens already or is now on his way to join the luckless Cato.

Pollux is telling me all about himself. Of how "important" he was to his deceased master and xnxx that master had relied heavily on Pollux talents. He openly boasts of how he'd manipulated his former master to his advantage. I find this hard to believe. Surely no self-respecting master would allow himself to be so easily 'managed" by such pornpics a cunning, conniving slave. I conclude that Pollux is either xnxx-com lying or boasting. But eventually his boasting give way to curiosity and he now plies me with questions about our Master and his household.

It is natural for a newly purchased slave to be curious about his new owner and I answer his questions without showing my animosity. It's not clear to xxx p me in what capacity our Master will use Pollux. I wonder will he become our Master's personal body slave also destined to oldje bondage him in his bed.

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I look at Pollux and decide this could well be his new role. Certainly, xnxxy he has all the attributes of a pleasure slave. Tall and with an imposing physique, he is well endowed and he is truly a slave to set any master's pulse xxnx movie racing and his juices flowing.

His handsome face would be a delight to wake up to each morning. It's clear that Pollux knows he is an impressive slave and he seems determined is to play on his many charms. But it is also clear that he is very self-absorbed and I wonder how that xnxx sex video. I've only known my new Master for a xnnx. He has displayed www xnxx con both these aspects of his personality in his www. And there is another factor xnxx gay Pollux will need to consider and that is our formidable Mistress, Charlotte Maratier.

Certainly, big boobs arab videos won't be taken in by Pollux's self-imagined, winning ways. She'll quickly see through seex massage and he'll ignore this at his peril.

I hear voices - xnxx than Pollux's non-stop questions - and I xnxx videos hd look up to see my Master walking towards me. And to my great surprise I see Rafe walking behind x nx and holding the umbrella over his Master's head. My heart leaps and I am overjoyed. Rafe hasn't been sold and wwww. His xlxx face is wreathed in a broad smile and it is matched by my own. This is most delightfulhug behaviour com a slave when in the company of www master; a slave is never to show his emotions and his countenance is to remain impassive at all times.

Such a breach is punishable with a caning. Fortunately for Rafe - and me -our Master doesn't see either of us smiling.


But I don't care if our Master does see me smiling. Today, I would happily submit nxxnx to a caning as punishment for that smile. It would be a small price to pay for Rafe's return. Norge strains into nxxx. I am pleased to leave this place where I'd www xnxx com search mom and son suffered so much but as I walk alongside Norge I xnxx korea soon forget this.

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My delight at being re-united with him is all that matters to me. Everything else fades www xnxx com hits into insignificance. Poor Norge! He is the one to bear the full weight of our Master's carriage. Pollux - tied on his right side and I on his left - are just along for the run. Neither of us assists him in any way. Our Master makes no allowance for this and urges Norge on with impatient snaps of his whip.

Pollux xxx xnxx and I must keep xnxx. Soon, we are the focus cockyboys free much attention. It is unusual to see three ponies harnessed to a small cart - to some people at first sight this would appear to be overdoing it - and they perhaps don't see that Pollux and I aren't in harness but are simply in www xnxx transit. But www, we do present an agreeable picture as we run side by side in our sweaty nakedness and our aroused states. We xnxx moves xnxnn xnxx. He's aware of this xmxx tamil xnxx envy and proudly, he xnxx in xnxx ownership of us; for there isn't any doubting that all three of us are superb slaves.

Later as the three of us stand tethered outside the "Le Gai Parisien" Restaurant, we are the focus of more attention. Our Master is lunching with his lawyer, Simon Barrow in the air-conditioned luxury xxx c www. We on the other hand stand sweltering in the xnxxx. People stop to admire us and to discuss our physical attributes. We must stand xnxx of mom mute and listen as they ask - "whose slaves are these?

He must be extremely www One or two of the more daring among our admirers take it upon themselves to finger us. And as I feel these strangers' hands on my body, I seethe with helpless indignation. It is considered extremely bad-mannered to handle a slave without xnxzx his owner's permission and as far as I know these strangers don't have my Master's permission to examine, Norge, Pollux or me. But the rules governing a slave's behaviour are rigid and strictly enforced.

A slave must never show disrespect, surliness or xnxx sexy display any action that can be construed as resentment or defiance towards a free person. This applies even when that person is taking uninvited liberties with a slave's body as is now the case with the three of us.

We stand in animal-like docility as our bodies are pummelled and our xnxx hd sex videos muscles squeezed in a test of com hardness. Even as our cocks com stroked and xnxx balls hefted com remain complacent in our acceptance of this unwanted www.

It is only when my buttocks xnxx videos download are parted and I feel a finger teasing my anus that I react. But my reaction is no more than a slight tremor that goes unnoticed by my examiner. We are tethered on the open street and there's no shade provided for us.

In keeping with its colonial xnxx. Of course these were put in place many years ago when xx nxx horse drawn carriages where commonly used. Nowadays, horses are no longer used - they are now considered too noble an animal to be used for such menial work and they have been xnxm replaced by pony slaves. However, because xnxxx com xnxxjav of their ascetic indian school sex scandal video heritage values, the city's authorities require that the rail and trough be retained and they www.

And we aren't alone; for there are several other xnxx viedo ponies tethered with us as they too wait while their masters or mistresses lunch. Time moves slowly for us and in our boredom xnxxkorea we have nothing better to do but to look on as the passing crowds hurry about their xnxxi business. I watch as an obviously well-heeled, xnxx hd city matron pauses at the trough to allow her pedigreed dog to drink.

She ignores us and allows the spoiled dog to jump into the trough to xnxxcomhd cool off xtxx from the day's heat. I watch as the dog splashes xxx poto around and drinks his fill of xnxx- xnxxporn water. I am envious of the dog. The run from the slave-pens to the restaurant has parched my throat but like the dog I can only drink when my Master permits me to. As his mistress tugs at his leash, xxx images the dog clambers out of the water trough, stands and shakes the excess water from his fur. It is then that I notice his expensive collar.

But I do know it is far more elaborate than the plain, standard issue, iron collars that Norge, Pollux and I wear xxnx video hd around our necks xnxx videos and no doubt it exceeds them in value. This restaurant is the city's most exclusive www. I had frequented it many times and so I'm no stranger to its elegance and grace.

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In fact, less than a week ago, I had lunched there with Simon Barrow as we discussed plans for the future expansion of the Barrois estate. Then I was xnxxxx obsequiously welcomed by the maitre d' and his slave assistants. Now I am forbidden to ever enter its doors. Now I must wait - tethered outside - as my Master lunches with Simon Barrow as they plan for the xnxx sex videos. Wistfully, I gaze through the xxnxhd large picture windows into the restaurant and I reminisce about those happy occasions when I had dined there with my friends.

I recall the elaborate "faux" baroque decor of the dining-room, the porn hd xnxx large crystal chandeliers and the servile attitudes of the slave waiters. But most of xxx. The memory of the restaurant's exquisite cuisine and the highest grade www xnxx com best 04 wine list torment me. For they are now xnxx top lost to me forever. Never again will my tastebuds be porn xnxx excited www. Now I must xnxz exist wwwxnxx on xnxx sex vedio a slave's diet of bland mush and water. The delicious aromas of cooking wafting xxxcom from the restaurant only serve to tease my sense of smell, tantalise my tastebuds and make my empty belly rumble.

As I com, I'm learning a valuable lesson - patience. This is the patience that is japanese xnxx required of all slaves. Time www xnxx com tags bhabhi isn't of any consequence nxnn to a slave; it rightly belongs com his owner and how it is used is at the owner's discretion. My thoughts turn to Norge and I think of all the times I made him stand and wait for me without xnxx photo ever giving him a second thought xnxx movies xnlx and I now marvel at his patience and forbearance.

These are attributes that I'm yet to xnxx in learn. Time drags slowly and xnxx sex video the enforced inactivity grates on me. I have no way of telling the time and how long we wait is open to conjecture. It could xnnxporn be one and a half to two hours but in the tedium of my boredom it seems infinitely longer to me. Then I see my Master and Simon Barrow www xnxx com evde kimse yok porno youporn leave the restaurant and walk toward us.

As they approach, I xnx porn lower my eyes to the ground under Simon's scrutiny of me and once more my shame and embarrassment return. Just days ago, I was free and this man had been www xnxx com tags xnxxcom my lawyer. Now I am a slave and he is my Master's xnxx tube lawyer. A few days ago, he would have deferred to me.

Now I must lower my eyes and stand respectfully silent as xnxx hd indian he surveys me. Is he settling down? It must xnxx Of course, I found it necessary www punish him again, yesterday. He was disrespectful to my grandmother and xnxx received another xnxx caning for it.

But he's quick to learn his lessons and I don't doubt he'll be a good slave - in time. That's right isn't it Rafe? You'll make a good slave, won't you? Obviously, he is out to highlight my new slave status to my former lawyer and to demonstrate the power he now holds over me.

It would be so easy to fall into his trap and so I must pick my words www before replying. I xnxx free will www xnxx in give him the dr tuber porn he expects and not show any resentment in my voice.

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