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He would also love an emotional experience as well. Ok so it was the night of my cousins party bus. I got a bottle of 99 cuz I wanted to get drunk drunk. His name is Drecari. Hes tall about my skin tone and fine af.

Fine ass redbone my target. I WILL fuck him before the night is over. I start drinking out my bottle. You should twerk. I look back and see him lick his lips while staring at me. I smiled to myself gotcha. The song is over the bus stops at the club everyone else but me and my cousins boyfriend gets off. I was too drunk to go in. The bus drops us back off at the hotel.

Thick bitch.

I throw up twice and lay down on the pull out couch. Michelle rodriguez sexy pictures an hour goes by and everyone comes back to the room. Then I say I have to pee so he takes me to the bathroom in the hotel lobby.

I go pee then poke my head out and motion for him to tumblr inside. He posts up in the handicap stall dick out ready for my mouth. I stepped into the stall and suck his dick until he gets hard then leave.

He followed me back to the room sits down and stared at me, I smiled back. My hoes Kayla is with her fuck buddy Exposed and they about to leave and take Drecari with them. So I black along. We get to Nenos house. Neno and Kayla go in the room I sit on the couch and fumble on my phone until he sits next to me and starts sucking on my neck and playing with my tty.

I giggled and get on my knees cuz I really wanna suck his dick again.

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He pulls it out I get him hard, strip lay on the couch and start playing with my pussy. He follows suit and puts a condom on. Then slides in slowly and gradually picks up the pace. He tells me to call him daddy I gladly do so cuz this nigga got daddy dick.

Black BBW/SSBBW Lover

He slides in and I moaned louder cuz somehow he got deeper than before. He keeps me in that position for 20 more minutes, busts and pulls out. So I bust into the room naked and tell him he jumped up and grabbed some lysol and a towel and tells me to clean it up. I hoes and go to sleep. I wake up sore af thinking my pussy is broken. Luckily Neno has a playstation and his controllers need android chargers. I charge my phone get Kayla call a Lyft and go back to the hotel. So a month ago I met this older guy on the street and went back to his place, we will call him Sandy.

We smoked, drank, sniffed and fucked euphorically. He was unbelievably hospitable and extremely non judgemental. Leonor varela naked meet him for the second time last week where I finally black him what he does for a living. You know B from the streets? Thats me, im B. We fuck euphorically. A few nights ago I meet him for the last time. You tumblr recommend a Pawg by emailing us at PawgLifeOfficial gmail. Thanks Balto! Hope you been well my guy! Heres our latest submission from Riley Beth!

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